Book Group 2

This group, which started in June 2018, meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 10.00am at Café Unity in Heald Green.

Its aim is to allow its members to spread the word about books they personally have enjoyed and wish to share with others.

At each meeting, members are encouraged to bring along a book they have found exciting, entertaining or revelatory, and spread that enthusiasm to others. It could be fiction, a classic, a biography, history, even a Haynes technical manual. It doesn’t matter, as long as you think others might like it, too.

Every member’s interests are welcome, whether it’s the latest Lee Child, a Victorian three-volume, Sigmund Freud on Dreams, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or a book on the secret life of the robin. 

The group may well talk about half a dozen books in a session, and each member may find only one that merits further reading, or none at all.

If enough members wish it, we could choose one of the books for us all to discuss at the next meeting.

There is no obligation to buy any of the books discussed. After the meeting, any book could be borrowed from a library, or bought in paperback or hardback, perhaps found in a charity shop, as an audiobook, or downloaded as an e-book. Stockport Libraries also lend e-books free of charge, so it might be available there. Membership of the group wouldn’t necessarily involve any member in any costs to continue their interest. And you should be able to continue your reading using whatever format you prefer.

The group may well evolve into a sort of lending library, so that others can enjoy a book without the cost of purchase.

The nearest analogy is, perhaps, BBC Radio 4’s A Good Read.

The group leader is Barry Richards.