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u3a National Current Events

u3a National Current Events

u3a Radio Podcast

U3A features in a new national Podcast series – A Life Well Lived – episode one is now available to download.

The podcast showcases the incredible life stories of third-agers – the majority in this first series are involved with U3A including a survivor of the Nazi regime and an Olympic medallist. 

A Life Well Lived aims to give a platform to extraordinary stories which transcend age, encouraging young and old to keep talking and sharing experiences.

The stories have been curated by the journalist Connie Knox and award-winning freelance radio producer Mariana Des Forges.
Connie said, “The inspiration for the series came from conversations with my grandmother who set up the first Wimpy restaurant in the UK. It made me ask, how many people had so much to tell but few people to listen? I want the podcast to share those stories to the widest audience”.
You can download episodes at