Early Evening Dining

Thursday Evening

Tuesday Evening

Our evening dining groups normally meet at an accessible Restaurant/ Hotel/Pub. We take it in turns to organise a meal and have dined in Chinese, Indian, Thai, Turkish, Japanese, Lebanese, Italian, Greek and Iranian Establishments, as well as in Traditional British Restaurants, Carvery and Pubs. We have even had a BBQ and Garden Party at a member’s home. The organiser makes the booking and arranges the collection of monies (usually on the night).
The aim is to enjoy good food (at a reasonable price) and good company.
Reasonable travelling distances and prices are the only guidelines set by the group’s leaders. Membership of these Groups can be limited because very few restaurants can cater for very large parties of diners. 

The next Thursday meal is on Thursday 19th May at The Tatton Arms, Moss Nook, M22 5LZ at 6pm. Contact George/Margaret Rogers.

The next Tuesday meal will be at Yara Lebanese Restaurant in Cheadle on Tuesday May 10th at 6.15. Contact Lynda Newton.