Shakespeare on Toast

Who’s afraid of William Shakespeare?

Just about everyone. He wrote too much and what he did write is inaccessible and elitist. Right?


This new group for Cheadle Hulme U3A, Shakespeare on Toast, will knock the stuffing out of the staid old myth of Shakespeare, revealing the man and his plays for what they really are: modern, thrilling and uplifting drama.

We aim to sweep the cobwebs from the Bard — from his life, his language, his time —revealing both the man and his work as relevant and accessible.

It shouldn’t mean just reading the plays and poems — although we probably will — but looking at their genesis, their backgrounds, what it is that makes William Shakespeare as powerful now as he was five hundred years ago.

Let us on your imagination work.

This group is for everyone, whether you’re coming to Shakespeare for the first time, find him troublesome, think you know him backwards (you can help the rest of us), or have never set foot anywhere near one of his plays but have always wanted to.

This group will be easy and good for you. Just like beans on toast. The group started only in September 2020, so has been meeting initially online, on the afternoon of the third Wednesday of each month, using Zoom. Future arrangements will rely entirely on the members’ wishes.

For further information, and to declare an interest in joining in the fun, please email the Group Leader, as below.