Technology for Everyone

This Group is for those who wish to increase their awareness and knowledge across a wide spectrum of scientific and technological subjects, many of which affect our daily lives.
Topics, often encompassing the historical, current and future criteria/aspects of the given subject, have included: water, gas and electricity supplies, climate change, food additives, drug development, hospital infection and control, forensics, muscular-skeletal biomechanics, history of glass-making, dating ancient pottery, Graphene, laser cleaning of historic surfaces, and hybrid cars.  Following each talk there is time for questions and discussion.

In addition, guided visits have included: a virtual image design consultancy service, the Anderton Boat Lift, Avro Heritage Museum at Woodford, the Anson Engine Museum at Poynton, Thackray (story of medicine) museum in Leeds, Sharston Recycling Depot and Lion Salt Works in Northwich.
Group activity reports are published in the CHU3A News Sheets and on this page.

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the months October to December and February to April from 2–4 p.m. in the Heald Green Village Hall. Visits usually take place in May. A charge of £3.00 is made to cover room hire and refreshments. Come along and enjoy the afternoon among friendly people; be informed, stimulated and even surprised occasionally!

Do you know someone with an interest in technology? Why not invite them to one of out meetings for a taster. If they like it, they can join our U3A and come to further meetings. If you are bringing a guest, please let Roger Law know so that we can welcome them when they arrive.

Forthcoming Meetings

May Meeting 3/5/22 2pm Heald Green Village Hall

For our final meeting of the 2021/22 season, we had hoped that Amazon Fulfilment Centre tours would have restarted so that we could visit the centre near Manchester Airport. Alas, these tours are not yet running. Virtual tours are the next best thing and these can be booked via the web link

Instead, we will see some further short TED talks. The subjects will be:

  • You have no idea where camels really come from
  • The cheap, all-terrain wheelchair
  • Three principles for creating safer AI
  • The carbonless fuel that could change how we ship goods

TED stands for “Technology, Entertainment, and Design” and TED talks are short but punchy presentations of interesting technical subjects in a way that the lay person can understand. Each talk lasts no longer than 20 minutes.

At a previous meeting when we watched some TED talks, they generated a lively discussion around the group. So, do join us for the final session of the 2021/22 season.

Oct Meeting 4/10/22 – tbc

The committee is looking at various possible speakers and subjects for the 2022/23 programme, but would welcome further suggestions so that we have a full and varied programme.

Group Leader: Roger Law

U3A Communities

Online meetings of the following U3A Community Groups may be of interest:

Science and Technology meet on Zoom on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Rocket Science meet monthly and cover all aspects of space exploration.

Climate Crisis meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month and there website home page has details of meetings and lots of links to climate related websites, videos etc.

These groups are open to all u3a members, though you will need to register via the respective websites to receive the Zoom link.

Technology for Everyone Group has re-started its meetings Face to Face at Heald Green Village Hall.
Please see our calendar on “Notice & Events” for the programme for the rest of the year.
Contact John Broadbent or Roger Law to be added to the invitation list. Or use the Contact Page and your message will be forwarded.

At our November meeting we had a talk about “Why are there so many different aircraft shapes?”. You can read a report on the talk below.

Notes from previous meetings can be accessed by clicking below.

December Tech Talk