What Is the Third Age Trust?

Founded in 1982, u3a (University of the Third Age) is a UK-wide movement of retired or semi-retired people who join locally-run interest groups that provide a wide range of opportunities to come together to learn for fun. Members explore new ideas, skills and activities together.

There are 1,057 u3as with over 450,000 members; membership costs less than £15 on average per year and is open to everyone who’s no longer in full-time work.

u3a has members who draw upon their knowledge and experience to teach and learn from each other but there are no qualifications to pass – it is just for pleasure. Learning is its own reward.

It’s all voluntary; a typical u3a will be home to many activity groups covering hundreds of different subjects – from art to zoology and everything in between.

The u3a national body – the Third Age Trust – looks after all the u3as in the UK, providing educational and administrative support.

Cheadle Hulme is one of various U3A organisations in the area. Below are links to some of the others: